After being a customer of Columbia House for over 20 years and dealing with some less than savory business practices I have finally called it quits with the organization. According to them they cancel accounts with no activity in 9 months… Even though you may have outstanding bonus certificates (48) in your account. The only notification I received that there was a problem was when I tried to use those certificates. nAdding to my disgust, I sent a check at the same time I sent in the certificates which they cashed even though according to them I did not have a valid account … and surprise of all surprises I was still able to access My account on their website until I started trying to get them to honor the certificates then it disappeared. As of today and after 9 weeks of waiting I did get my check back but they still are refusing to honor their certificates nPaulnLansing, IllinoisU.S.A.

1400 N Fruitridge Ave Terre Haute, Indiana U.S.A.


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