Complaint: I had been seeing a Dr at the Lisbon Clinic her name is Dr. Anita Hackstedde. She is also an administrator at the Salem City Hospital. She told me that I had high cholesterol and put me on Lipitor. I had been taking this medication the whole time I was under her care. I had complained about hurting all over joints muscles and just my entire body… I have a bad back and this is beside the back problem. The Dr. put me on Lyrica and said I probably just had Fibromyalgia and to take them and it would help. I was to the point I was complaining to my back Dr and all my Drs. that I was in so much pain I wanted to kill myself and I would cry all night long many nights due to the pain.I went to my Endocrinologists for my check up and told her about being in so much pain and how bad it was and crying all night long. She checking my meds list and said OMG you need to get off of Lipitor now and put me on Crestor. I asked her why would my family Dr. have me on that for 4 years and knowing how much pain I was in not take me off of it. She told me that it was time to find a real Dr. for my family Dr. as any Dr. worth their salt should know the side effects of that as it is very very common and a lot of people cannot take it. I feel I should be compensated for all that pain for all those years I suffered so much and did not need to be. Even the Neurologist I started to see said I should not have been on it and I may get better but if so I will take a long time being off of it now. Dennis Q (((REDACTED)))

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