Columbus international Escrow Services of New York is suppose to be a disbursement company for funds for timeshare sales made by Blue Point Holding in Pittsburgh, PA. They have you fill out forms with your bank information, etc. so they can have your money wired to you. Everything is in order and you are to receive your money within a few days, then all of a sudden they ask you for a huge amount of money (if our case $9375.00) to get your money released. Settlement took place a month and 1/2 prior, when asked why all fees were not paid at that time we were told International sales (ours was in Mexico) are different. Phones are rarely answered but go into a voice mail. Once they figure out you are not paying them the so called bank fees to get your money released you get no communication by email or phone.


Name: Columbus International Escrow Services

Country: United States

State: New York

City: New York

Address: 405 Lexington Ave.

Phone: (646)403-9681