So I posted an ad on Craigslist and a lady named Ida Baker who contacted me for her boss Chris. She gave me a number 847-766-0308. I texted me and he got back to me saying "Thank you for getting back to me. I would be paying you with a certified check sent to you via overnight delivery which would deliver to you in 1-2 days and as soon as the check clears your account, my mover would come have it picked up. I don’t mind adding extra $50 so you can hold it for me till the check reaches you. Please give me your name and address, to mail the check to." I received the check but it was a fraud. Called the bank associated American Business Bank. They confirmed it was a fraud check. Check number 37xx. Routing number and account number : 1220xxxxxxxxxxx. I asked him $1k for item I was selling and he sent me $4250. This fee included money for his movers and money for another item which I was selling and wasn’t available to him. He switched his number and texted me with a new number 508-744-3624. There were a lot of red flags.