Complaint: I have been with Comcast for over 5 years out of neccessity. No other company serviced our area until we moved recently. I have had nothing but abusive and brusque resentatives give me the run around everytime I call for support. It took 4 years(!!!!), seriously, to get them to add me to the account. It was set up in my husbands name and he called in 2011 to add me so that I could handle it all(he has less time to do so). I have called a handful of times since for one reason or another and I would always get a rude person telling me they can’t talk to me at all. They have hung up on me, called me names, refused to acknowledge me and so on. My husband called two more times since 2001 to add me to the account, and as of earlier today they still said I was not added to the account and would not talk to me. I finally got one person to say the notes said he added me on the account back in 2011(duh) and then continued to talk to me in a very abrasive manner. This company also charges account holders for things that just seem made up. In August of 2011 I had a representative try to charge me 14.99 to continue talking to me. I hung up the phone and the charge was on my bill the next month. They have also put charges on our bill like extra charges for routers we did not order or receive. It cost upwards of $100 to move our account over to the new address. No one even came out to set it up, we had to do it. Which was fine but I did not want to be charged. No one even let us know the there was going to be a charge. It was like they were trying to slip it by. They are scandalous and deceitful. I have not once talked to a reasonable or understanding individual since my time with Comcast. I have never heard one sincere apology. I get off the phone or walk out of the service center door feeling betrayed and taken advantage of. Bad customer service is one thing. This is just exploitation and unacceptable. I would not recommend anyone go near this abhorent and damaging company. Internet and cable just is not worth it. I am usually a very cordial and calm individual but I will be in consistant pursuit of getting the truth to people about this company.

Tags: Internet Service Providers

Address: Nationwide USA


Phone: 1-800-xfinity