Comenity is the credit card company for Pottery Barn. They are deceptive and I believe criminal in their actions.. We ordered some furniture from Pottery Barn in November of 2018 and then when they were unable to deliver it for some time we cancelled the order. I must add we had paperless Comenity Statements. | In January they sent us a notice of late payment. So in late January 2019. I immediately called the credit card company after receiving the late notice and they were great. I explained the situation and they called Pottery Barn and then they credited the purchase of $1500.00 along with ALL the interest and late fees. | Then when I looked at the February statement I had an interest charge of $32.21 on a balance of $177.86 plus the $32.21. I was extremely busy so I sent them $300.00 knowing I would deal with this issue when I had time. Finally in May I spent some time to call them and explain the situation and that there was no way there should be a $32.21 charge in interest on

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