Complaint: After multiple calls from Richard Coxon, I was persuaded and made an agreement for his company to developed my online website store, that was a year ago. Charges was made on my account for the fulll payment, the development was a slow process as I am not a computer wizard. Can’t remember the full packaged I signed up but I am sure that the website security, and payment type/options was included with the packaged. I was not told that the system they’re using to build the site was there own program. I found it out the hard way when I tried to do some update and had difficulty. I consulted people with ample background in computer and asked for assistance and was told to go somewhere else. Calling for Commerce Rocket support will test someones patience. COMMERCE ROCKET wants the fulll control of your business and if they see an avenue of opportunity they will seized it for a fee, that’s there business plan. They’ll say “YES”” to everything at first. With the agreement that I made

Tags: Online Business

Address: I was very specific with “”SECURITY”” as I want to protect personal information. To this date

Website: paypal

Phone: my website has a lock symbol indicating that is is secured