We recomend you not even waste your breath speaking with these fraudsters. They are nothing but a boiler room used car salesman mentality fraud team. They have done this to so many people. Your probably better off lighting your cash on fire and roasting marshmallows over it while it burns.We are all starting to communicate. Maybe we can do a class action lawsuit. They do and say just about everything in attempt to take your money. So very many lies from doug and carolina. They have caller id and have stopped answering our calls. They simply move seamlessly onto the next victim after they get your money. They have victimized a lot of businesses and individuals in many states in the us. When they miked the us they relocated and setup shop in canada. Hiding behind the border. They continue to perpetrate there fraud leaving nothing but victims in there path. We found another party on this outscam. We talked and have started trading information in preparation for a lawsuit. We found a lot of others who have had the same experience with this group. Things started popping up when we started searching this great site outscam. We had not seen all this before we gave them our investment. We wondered why we had not seen any of this when we did our due diligence initially. Looks like it’s because it is hidden. We tried a bunch of searches many different ways. We had success finally when we typed in doug bowen cdf anderson capital group. It really worked well when we looked up carolina buquing cdf andrson capital group. So much info came up. I recommend everyone do tat before they give any funds to cdf or andrrson capital group. Wish we had known this before. Hopefully by posting this like others i see we can prevent these fraudsters from scamming other people out of there assets. Stay as far away as possible from these crooks.

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