I went on this site with hopes of adopting a puppy: companionwelshcorgipupps.comI initially overlooked the grammatical, spelling, and punctuational errors. I contacted the site, they got back to me within a day. What raised my alarm was there was no vetting process. They didn’t ask about my environment, why I wanted the dog, could I afford the medical expenses, etc, which normally is a part or the process. They just asked me when I wanted the dog and where to send the puppy. As in, they fly the puppy using a third party delivery team. They also didn’t take security deposits.They had the puppy priced at 450.00. This is about 1/4 the usual cost. They send me pictures and video, but in the video, they never called the dog by name of what they advertised: Daisy.I want everyone to be aware of these scams. They are preying on innocent people and counting on those people’s love for animals to blind them to their scam.Jessica B.