rich the owner and his crew came to our home to remove a tree–the crew arrived late–they looked like homeless people and my wife was very concerned-so i decided to stay home and monitor the job–these guys kept banging on our door to use the bathroom and one guy even asked my wife for a cigarette–they had the biggest piece of crap for a truck parked out in front off my house all day–one of the employees relieved himself on the side of my home(my son had to see that)—the job was half done and they said they had to leave and that they would call to reshedule the completion–everything was a mess for days —we coulnt get rich to call us back and then one day they just showed up –after they returned they sort of finished but left a huge mess that my wife and i spent days cleaning up—–do not use these clowns

24 mcculloch dr dix hills, New York United States of America