Through a Facebook add, on 10/6/17 I ordered a free bottle of CBD Hemp oil – to be sent to my post office box. There was no indication of an ongoing commitment of ANY kind on my part – just a free ‘sample’ bottle IF I paid the shipping and handling, which was $5.99. So of course I had to use my debit card to get the ‘free’ sample. I recieved the bottle in early November. Then, about 11/15/17 I get another one at my post office box. This is when I suspected that I had been scammed. From other stories that fit my exact same product and company and amount debited – I realized the truth of it. I called the bank and found that there was an unauthorized debit of $79.99 on 11/9/17. I will probably have to change my debit card number. I have printed out those reports for the bank from other people about this scam and I will find out if I will have to go through the hassle of changing the debit card number. Or if the bank will be able to stop the debit from coming through. I am not going to follow up with the company or even bother calling them. It isn’t worth the hassle or the anger on my part. I would rather just change my debit card number with the few companies that automatically deduct payments from my account. I know that scammers know this and are taking advantage of it. But I hold myself more accountable. You live and learn.

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