Problem Cancelling Order


My Complaint: Placed an order 6 days ago. 24 Hours after placing the order I still had not received a shipping confirmation. I called and they told me not to worry that I would receive my order in the 5-7 day period their website guarantees. I still had not received an email 5 days after placing the order and their website had no record of my order. I called again and someone told me I wouldn’t receive it by Monday. I told them then it would be too late, so I’d need to cancel the order. They said hold on, we’ll look into it and get back to you shortly. I confirmed that “shortly” meant the same day and they said “definitely”. I obviously never received a call back. So I called AGAIN today and was basically told, we don’t know who you talked to so I’m not sure why they told you that. She actually said “I can only handle my own calls”. So it turns out they still have not received the item in their warehouse. I needed this item by a specific date within the guaranteed timeline. Ordering online was easier, but I can buy it at Dicks Sporting Goods on my ride home so I told them a 2nd time now that I wished to cancel the order. Their response was “Cancelling orders is against company policy.” How could cancelling an order be against your policy. Especially considering you don’t even have the product in your warehouse yet. I could understand if it was a custom or unique item. So basically I was told I “should” receive it by Tuesday (a day late) but there is nothing else they will do because its against company policy. Awful customer service and made 0 attempt to satisfy or sincerely apologize for any inconvenience to a once potential future customer.


My Demand: Cancel my order before shipping it