A year ago, I purchased a dvd burner & some dvds from a local compusa. Both items were defective, so I attempted to return them. The manager allowed me to return the burner for a full refund, but snatched away my recipt & refused to give it back. He then refused to return or exchange the dvds. I left the store. nA couple weeks later, I again tried to return the dvds. After waiting 30 minutes & watching the teenaged employees stand around talking & pretending not to hear me, the manager returned. I asked to return the dvds. he looked them up & said that after 14 days they could not be returned. It had been 12 days. He still refused. After 15 minutes, I left. nI tried again 2 months later, same result. nI tried again 4 months after that, same result. nThe dvds themselves were $50, not a small amount to pay for something unusable. Still, I gave up. The promotional period didn’t expire for 6 months, so I figured I had some time. nAfter 7 months, I got a phone call from their billinng department, demanding payment. At that time, my balance was about $78, with $38 being interest. I said I would pay. Big mistake. Later when I called back, they took that as a promise, & when I didnt pay, they said they would not help me return the item, due to the time that had passed. nI am about to give up now. I have tried to contact the company itself many times, only to be given different numbers only to end up back a the billing dept., who refuse to transfer me to someone who could help me. I now owe $200 worth of interest & late payments on a balance of $40. In the olden days, this would have been referred to as “usery”” & the company would have been punished by a fine. Now

it is perfectly legal. nI see no alternative but to pay $200 for some defective dvds. I hate to give compusa my money

but I have no choice. nIf there is a class-action lawsuit going on now against compusa

please let me know. nSabrinanLong Beach

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