I took my computer to this company even though the Google reviews were notthat great. They said that they would inspect my computer and call me to get the OK to start work. They never called until they were finished. They said the bill was $515. I only paid $250 for the computer a year ago. When I asked why they didn’t call me first they said they left a message that I never got. I told them that I could not pay that much and the person I talked to said “We all have problems pal.”” I said they could keep the computer for the bill. He said “”No way do we want this piece of crap.”” Then he said they would take me to court. I checked them out on Google and they had some bad reviews. I am a senior on a fixed income and I called them again to try and arrange payments. I was told that being old is no excuse for being stupid. I called some guy who fixes computers on craigslist. He loaned me an older laptop until I could get enough money to buy one.I told him what happened and he tried to talk to computer central. They told him to “”Go pound sand.”” My computer is gone but I don’t want other people to get ripped off by these people. Gary walker”

12160 w. overland rd Boise, Idaho USA

208 938 6300


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