Horrible , unprofessional, verbally abusive to customers and staff. I heard the owner yelling at associates. This business, is a young one, and the website claims extraordinary services. Not true. It is very small and run by a very harsh man named David. They are fine as long as you accept a poor job, they are inexperienced and difficult to work with. The owner David claims data recovery, more like data keep. Beware of this business. I paid for a service and when I went looking for the person who worked with me they claimed he was gone. I attempted to get a partial refund, as the job Was not completed properky. David dies not like females much. He raises his voice, yelks, and as you quietly explain your position he blames you as the customer, and his staff. No one is left out in his verbally abusive tirades. I was unsuccessful in getting anthing arbitrated with him, and he tokd me get lost. | I still have computer problems, and will wait to work with a reputable person. I will be reporting them Under the Computer Abuse and Fraud Act for possible computer trespass. The technician in the back is a hacker as well. David probably dies not even know that. His response is Data Back up is the customers responsibility in the previous report. Well, should you not ask that first, before you work on a system? That is standard protocol, but then he is hoping you will pay for recovery?

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