I am also a Victim of VCS and the Everex Co, buying a system in May 2000 and receiving the monitor and computer in July of 2000. Connected everything plugged it in, turned it on and it crashed, wouldn’t play a dvd. nSo I called the Everex tech support, as you might have thought they called me back the following week. In Sept they finally came around and replaced the motherboard,DVD, and the power supply.It still crashes, freezes, turnes off my programs and at times won’t shut off. nI just replaced the hard drive and the Everex Co wouln’t even send a serviceman to come and put it in even though I paid for a 3 year in home warrantee service. nI still keep calling because now the fan is going Everex tells me that I am #400,I call just today and now I’m #1200 Unlike most people I bought this computer on credit not on a credit card, which I could have gotten my money back. nVideo Personalities sent me a return merchandise ticket but it is not going to help me now that they are going into bankruptcy court. Not to mention all of my $325.00 in rebates which I never received. This company needs to be convicted of fraud. you can add one more Victim to the list.

PO BOX 499 PIPERSVILLE, Pennsylvania U.S.A.

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