Caller told my dad that he was from Computer Repo and that he had made a mistake. He had deposited rebate money in dad’s bank account that was too much and wanted dad to pay him back to correct the mistake. Over the phone he talked my dad into accessing his online account and transferred $4200 from his money market account into checking. He then told my dad that the $4200 in checking was the money the caller had deposited and overpaid to my dad. He then talked my dad through the process for registering for external transfers from his account. Fortunately dad got confused about his passwords and could not log in to his email to verify his identity. The caller then directed my dad to a specific local Walmart to purchase a $200 gift card in the electronics department. My dad went but for some reason wasn’t able to obtain the gift card. The caller called back for an update, and then directed my dad to obtain a cashier’s check from his bank. He had my dad type out directions for how to deposit the check at a local Wells Fargo Bank. Instructions gave the name of Kevin Avila, account # 2576830646, routing # 111900659, Wells Fargo branch address 101 E. Interstate 20, Arlington TX 76018. Dad got the cashier’s check and went to the Wells Fargo. Fortunately an observant teller questioned the information that dad had typed up and handed to her. She pulled him aside and helped him log on to his personal bank account and showed dad that the $4200 in his checking was transferred from his own money market account. She told him that this was a scam and he should not pay the money. Dad deposited the money back in his account. Since then his phone caller list showed multiple calls from Private Caller, Unknown Caller and Opelika AL trying to recontact my dad.