Employment Fraud – Jamil Monsour – Computer Outlet


My Complaint: I worked for Computer Outlet for a week. During this time, my wages were changed from $15/hr to $9/hr in the computer.

While interviewing, I was not told that the company was being acquired by another computer company, and I was released after 6 days of working, due to the acquisition.

– I was not given breaks
– I was not given adequate training (and I was hired as a manager)
– I have been terminated for over 2 weeks and still have not received a paycheck/pay stub (violation of employment laws)
– I was placed over other employees and was not told of their backgrounds (even when I requested).

AVOID!!! Do not trust Jamil Monsour in business or employment with Computer Outlet. This is said from personal experience.


My Demand: Full wages/damages paid.