These people are scam artist. They sold me a 2007 Dodge Charger on 3/14/2016. I was told before the vehicle was sold to me that it had a good engine and transmission. I knew it wasn’t the best vehicle but I needed something a little reliable. I had the oil changed 4/08/16 I was told the transmission was in bad shape. The air filter hadn’t been changed in over a year as well and the oil hadn’t been changed in a long time. I saw this myself too. I am well educated about cars. I went back to Concept Auto and brought it to their attention about the burning smell that was coming from the car and the other issues that I mentioned above which I think was the transmission. At this point, I knew he hadn’t serviced the vehicle at all like he said he did. The key fob, didn’t work I asked for a new one he told me no and kept walking. I purchased this vehicle because I am getting ready to start my internship and I need a reliable car. | The vehicle also was lowered by Concept Auto by the mechanic shop they have in the back of the dealership. Armando, who is the manager told me he had to pay a $99.00 fee to have the transmission looked at which didn’t make sense being the shop is apart of the dealership. To be honest it looks like a chop shop. There are no certificates for the mechanic posted in the dealership or anywhere to be seen. He told me this is what he has to pay. And he wanted me to pay it. The springs and shocks were altered on the vehicle. It costs approximately $700 to have this fixed. He had a mechanic come from the back of the dealership and he drove my car and I can’t go over 30 mph before the car starts shaking. We rode in the car together. The mechanic says to me ” I think the cars too low.” I said to him “How do you know?” He said “I know it’s too low, I lowered it?” So I asked him why would you lower the car, because he thought it would look good was his reply. They refused to fix the car. You can’t even see under the car. The manager, Armando, told me to leave the car there on 4/11/16, right after I got my back passenger tire replaced due to it going flat from hitting a bumped that’s how low the car is. I left the tire shop where I purchased the used tire. The tire looked brand new and was in very good condition. They can verify and so can my husband who was in his vehicle and was there as well. | I dropped my vehicle at Concept Auto and left it there for 24-hours. I came back on 4/12/2016 about 11 am that same tire was flat with a stab wound in it. Someone had stab the tire while at Concept Auto. Armando said to me that’s what you get for $40.00. Since I have gotten the vehicle back it has been making a beeping noise but the lights don’t work on the dash board. I believe they have tampered with my vehicle it wasn’t doing that before I left it with them. I also had a license plate that could be transferred. According to the DMV, “transferring a license plate may save the $225 initial fee” he has told me I have to pay over $200.00 for my license plate. I haven’t even paid my first car payment yet. And already I am having to spend a arm and a leg. If you look online and look at the complaints about this company you will see I am not the only one that is saying these things about them. I am just a young person trying to better myself and they are committing fraud and scamming me as well as other people. | I have reported them to the Attorney General, DMV and consumer affairs. This is complete BS. I am also going to report them to the Better Business Bureau. AND by looking at the carfax report I am quite sure you committed PERJURY to the DMV and probably the IRS too. I may have signed the arbitration agreement but that doesn’t mean a d**n thing. When I’m done with you, you’ll learn why you don’t judge books by their cover Armando Portillo and Mike (David)! I want my down payment back. He even refused to give me a copy of the registration receipt. Thats because he’s committing fraud. I am gonna keep going until he gets the picture.!!!


Name: Concept Auto Inc

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Miami

Address: 3700 NW 27th Avenue

Phone: (305) 901-5333