On Nov 29th 2017, I was viewing the ConcernedPatriot.com website looking at the “stun gun flashlight” they offer. The offer promotes a better deal with the more flashlights you buy, and the best deal is to buy 5 stun gun flashlight. I purchased 5 and received only 3! | I called the 888 number several times. The call always went to a recorded message stating Concerned Patriot would get back to me in 24hrs, I never received a call. I emailed the website an never got a response either. Very poor customer service!! Buyer beware, you may not get what you paid for!!


Name: Concerned Patriot

Country: United States

State: Wyoming

City: Cheyenne

Address: 1712 Pioneer Ave., Ste. 2035

Phone: 888-250-8113

Website: concernedpatriot.com/