We hired “CT” to resurface our walkway, driveway, and inside our garage. I specificaly drove around my neighborhood with the person they sent out to bid the job. In doing so I listened to him tell me about sealers and different colors to be added at the time of the job. | When it was decided as to the exact color to be used, we agreed to the price quoted… | Bottom line, this company and it’s President could care lees about customer satisfaction..? | We brought to the attention of The Staff and PRESIDENT – Issues regarding the “So Called” FINISHED Product..? | We paid OVER $2500.00 for a job that looks like SH**, “Quite Frankly The JOB Is PATHETIC”… | The Company DID NOTHING To Even Try To Correct The issues Raised I Raised Pertaining To The Prep Work Done Before Hand…? | Had I Known BEFORE I Agreed To The Job. That I Would Now Be Spending 5 Hours A Week Mopping My Driveway And Garage Floor I Would Have NEVER Hired This F****** Company… | No Ones Driveway In My Enrire Community Does What My Driveway Does After You Drive On it..? | Had this situation happened 25 years ago, as I’m NOW A SENIOR and not in good health… | I would have insisted in meeting with the decision makers of this company. | Had i NOT gotten some sort of compensation…? | You can be CERTAIN I would have split ‘THE F****** WIG – OR WIGS ” of those not willing to partialy reimburse some sort of compensation for their shoddy work… | Some of you will read this and conclude that I would have been sued and certainly might have gone to jail..? | You ARE Correct – But I’m The Kinda GUY Where – if You Come Into My Home And Take My MONEY And F*** ME I’ll Split Your F****** WIG… | Why..? Because That’s The Kinda Guy I Am… | So If I Were YOU I’d STAY CLEAR Of This COMPANY For SURE…


Name: Concrete Texturing

Country: United States

State: Nevada

City: Las Vegas

Address: 3675 W Teco Ave #2

Phone: 702-529-0768

Website: ctvegas.com/