I have purchased lottery tickets over the past two days. I bought only 6 games for a total of $27.00 dollars. Then I get an email from Congolotto saying that I am being charged $64.00. I have been in dispute with them since yesterday and they claim that I authorized a subscription which I certainly did not. I have alerted my credit card company and they seem to know all about Congolotto. Also, the tickets that I picked yesterday for a future draw are totally different numbers on the confirmation received from Congolotto. I certainly have no desire to pay $27.00 for tickets that I chose for a previous lottery that has come and gone. I have sent them several e-mails but so far no reply. | Based on what I have read on the internet this company seems to be dishonest with the customer. My credit card is behind me as the fraud department from my credit card company initially called me about the pending charges. It is too bad this company is so unprofessional as it is a convenient way to purchase tickets if you are unable to travel to a kiowsk.

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