Connie of is very rude, loud, dishonest and filthy.Our driver was Connie and she was very mean. She stopped before the Hanauma Bay and yelled at people for not getting out fast enough. Another vehicle took 5 people at a time to Hanauma Bay and came back and 5 more people to Hanauma Bay and my turn was waiting 20 minutes before I was taken from this stop. The mask and mouth piece smelled strange so I asked for change and the driver said he did not have any more. I tried to tell him that I can not use this smelly stuff and the driver said he had to go and just drove off. The equipment was dirty and smelly like someone with a bad breath used and didnu2019t clean it. So, I had to rent my own gear once I got to the bottom. I tried to tell Connie about the smelly gear and that I had to rent my own and Connie raised her voice at me and said u201cWhy you no tell me before?!u201d I didnu2019t want to argue so I just stopped.Connie talked out loud the whole drive back while talking about how she collects welfare even when she is working so much. I will never book with this company again. This was a nightmare.

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