Complaint: In July 2018 we ran a large list through their web service. We removed the list the following month but they continued to bill us as if the list was up there even though it was not for September, October and November. In the 3-month period we incurred an additonal 600-dollars in billings on our comopany credit card. They refused to adjust the account claiming that I quote “their finaincial department does not issue refunds on prevous payments processed.”” In otherwords

Tags: Internet Services

Address: once they ring the charge up to your credit card you are out of luck if the charge is vaild or not. I will never do business wiht htis company again and I will urge my clients to avoid them also. I was a small business partner for them until this occured and had been doing business with them for several years and brought them thousands of dollars worth of business. I understand that the company had been acquired by another company and it looks like the new ownership does not belief in the adage that the customer is always right. Furthermore

Website: 855-854-8609

Phone: the only response I got from them besides they do not refund previous payments is that they were sorry for the inconveince. I guess that is what we call over charges these days (incovenience)”