Complaint: I called this 800 number out of my local newspaper to see about an ad for a fairly new car for around $200. It was a number for a place called Consumer Resource Services, located somewhere in California. The lady I spoke to wouldn’t tell me anything untill I gave her at least my checking account number. After that she preceded to explain that it was a government auction deal. And that any money that was to be collected for that offer was to be after I had reviewed the material and decided if I wanted to do it or not. She said that the offer was for 30 to 40 dollars. Imagine my suprise when the very next day my bank account had a withdrawal(an electronic check no less) for $128.62! I called them back and asked what the charge was for. They said that I had “ordered”” a vehicle and a separate housing guide. I then demanded a refund. They said that I would have to wait untill I got my “”package.”” When I did get it

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Address: they then said that they couldn’t just e-refund my money

Website: I called them back and asked for my refund number. They then told me that I had to wait untill three(3) months after my order date had gone untill I could even get a refund authorization number! So I waited patiently untill that date. I called

Phone: that I would have to get authorization