Had implants done in 2014. Saw Mrs B Ortiz at iniitial visit.. Drew a bill fo $12,465 for 6 implant . Piad upfront by credit card. NO dental examination by the dentist, no exray, no bonescan, Signed a huge package of papers. Rushed in for imprsessionsGiven instructions to return the week after. | Saw Dr Peter Munteau for the first time. I reiterate no exam of the mouth, no exray taken, no history or chexk for gun disease . He simply said “this is the Lady for the surgery.. BOOM. H e extracted 5 upper front teeth ( Paid for 6 as per receipt)inserted 4 implants ( paid for 6 as per recipt) and given a temporary flippper. Instructed to retrurn in 3 months for placement of permannt crown with poercelain teeth by the parner Dr Habib which I have yet to meet.IDr Munteau as I was leavind said ” I should have ordered a bone scan but everything is alright”.Usually that is what I do. Msustain gum bleeding and inflammation which I was told will phase out eventually | Unfortunately It did not happened. My complaints were dismissed . I was given Motrin, antibiotics and an oral rinse ( Peridex) with long term use discolored all my other teeth. | When I returned for the placement of the permanent crown which never happened. Dr Habibdespite my complaints that these implants were illfitted causing pain, . Food was trapped in between the gum making my gum line extremmely irritated, swelling up and these implants were being forced to support the weight of the crown that Dr Habib at each visit would remove. inject these painful injections( How many over the three years of torture I endured is inconceivable),drilll thru the gum line to make opening and then recemeted and harshly anchored to the abuntments.. In brief this process lasted over 3 years with at least 50 visits to this dental office. I sustained so much damage to my gum line, thining of the muscle of the inner cheeck membrane,due to this harsh numerous dental intruisions. | Dr Habib sent me back to Dr Munteau who was rude and defensive.. He did not even examine the implants ,. acted like He does not know or understand why Dr Habib sent me back to him. Dec 2015 Bone scan done and the harsh process continued, 2016 I had it. Demanded another bone scan and removing of these implants whcich by January 2017 to June 2017 all 4implants were removed and 2 teeth spunned out which they charge as implants=6 implany( in fact 4 implants) croocks. Paid for a permannt crown on initial vitit $ 1,180.00 in Dec 2013 only to be refunded in 2016 when I confronted them . | Janauary 20186 months after the removal of all impplants they wanted to return to restat the process,. I decline and demanded a refund. I had to sign a general release in order to get back someo my money. Then I found out I could not evn take them to civil court for punitive damage, grosss neglignece, unsafe and imprudent care because I signed an agreement to only use AAA which is very difficult to do on your own. | This dental office is a chop shop line assembly.. These two ” Charlatan ” should be reported and they are licensed by the NY State Dept of Health.I was able collect $9,225 out of the $12,465 that I paid.. I LOst 5 teeth in the process that they cannot refund me. Dr Habib had lingered my case for 3 years and had me suffered such a cruel punishment because he knows there might be a statue of limitation in New York State and was using it to its advantage.They are real crooks and I do not have a problem exposing them. | I made two mistake, I did not do any research on dental implants and I trusted the first croocked dentists that advertised scheap implants. They realized that and they playmed me. Now I t will cost me twice what I paid to have my mouth restore and years of pain and discomfort.


Name: Contemporary Dental Implant Centre

Country: United States

State: New York

City: New York

Address: 295 Madison Ave 28th floor

Phone: 212-269-9500

Website: www.contemporarydentalimplantcentre.com/