I bought a mobile home in Lincoln Park, which is owned by Continental Communities. nWe thought it would be a nice quiet park, like it was advertised, as being a quiet community. We are quiet people. In the rules and regulations it says that they will not tolerate acts of drunkenness, or other immoral behavior, and that they will not allow loud motorcycles, mufflers or music. nWell at the park, there was someone drunk yelling for their food, a couple arguing at all the hours of the night all the time, there were about 7 loud motorcycles and people going in and out of the park blasting their car radios at all hours of the night. nThat noise out there was unbearable, so we moved. You expect the park to be the way they say it is and for the rules to be followed. If you hate noise, stay away from this park! nAnonymousnmilwaukee, WisconsinU.S.A.

10301 W. Greenfield Ave West Allis, Wisconsin U.S.A.

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