Complaint: I thought that I was alone in this matter. If I had known about this website, I would have known better. The company is a real rip-off and needs to be stopped in their track. I am getting sick and tired of how people are trying to or taking advantage of others. What is this World coming to???? After, I first reviewed the plan, prior to the having it 30 days, I called CW’s office and talk with a representative about the coverage. She explained that, although, much of the coverage is not stated in the plan; I would need to call a different toll-free number to get authorization for work to be done. Then, she asked me to continue the plan, because, I could cancel it, if, I found that I was not satisfied. I did not encounter a problem with my automobile until approximately 3 months later. It took $700.00 to complete the job. I called for authorization, while at the shop. The mechanic wrote what needed to be done and I relayed the information to the agent, then, asked for authorization. The agent said, We don’t cover that. She never asked to speak with the mechanic. After that, I decided to cancel the plan, because, I do not have the wherewithal to survive a plan that duplicates coverage I have under another plan and limit its sanctions on major repairs – keeping the plan would be a gamble; and, I decided to bet on my vehicle. The agent, I spoke with about the cancellation asked why did, I want to cancel the plan. I told her what occurred when I took my to the shop. She stated that the agent should have talked with the mechanic. I informed her that she never asked to speak with the mechanic. She informed me that, however, I could not get a refund; but, she would close the account. Still, they continued to take $283.00 from my account. I wrote a letter to Misty Jackson requesting a refund. I sent the letter today. I will wait 10 working days for a response. Fortunately, the automobile is an excellent vehicle that needs reliable coverage, if something goes wrong. The conditions stated in CW’s coverage are stipulated with restrictions that benefit only them and not their customers. It appears that the essence of the extended warranty is travel. I do not need another travel plan. The mechanical coverage, I think, is too iffy and do not offer much benefit the customers. To reiterate, it is more like a Glorified road travel plan. My credit cards and roadside insurance offers the same type of coverage, at a fraction of your cost. I think that the organization has misled me as well as deceive me. There are no authentic benefits found in the plan. I pray that they will consider my request and return the amounts to my account. Mary Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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