Complaint: I am a current customer of Continental and I called to get information on how to extend my current warranty up to the 150,000 miles. I do agree that when I receive my contract the mileage given was incorrect on the contract. When I had service done on my car they wouldn’t cover the parts that were part of the problem of the covered part. When my vehicle was in the shop, I had to keep call the warranty company to do follow-up because they did not communicate with the shop in a timely manner. They told me it was my responsibility to contact the dealer myself as to the status of my vehicle. The dealer held my vehicle until they received payment, which meant I had to miss a day of work. When I called to ask for information on extending my warranty, the representative told me that in order for them to offer me extend coverage I would need to put another down payment of $200 and my current contract must have 2,000 miles left on it. She told me that if my current contract did not have 2,000 miles left on it they could not offer me extended coverage. If anyone knows of another warranty company that offers excellent customer service and will allow you to make monthly payments after your down payment, please let me know Truly Disappointed Poor Customer Service, IllinoisU.S.A.

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