Complaint: This contractor overstated his qualification and did not honor his word. He had promised to be on site to supervise, but rarely was. He was more interested in his next job than the current one. The work done was suspect, at best, with some major issues remaining to be fixed – by someone else. Contractor walked away from job with work left undone. Demanded remaining payments, even though job not completed. He had already received about 3/4 of total project, but wanted the rest, in spite of having not finished. We refused to pay until the job was done so he filed a lien, the day before one of the subcontractors finally showed-up to do his bit. Contractor still owes us for reserves that were in the contract, as well as for work we did, sweat equity, that he promsed to pay for. Just plunked-down $500 to retain a lawyer. Do yourself a favor and hire anybody else.

Tags: Builders & Contractors

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