Complaint: Simple and to the Point::: ORIENTATION IN JOPLIN VERY UNPROFESSIONAL Had Orientation in Joplin Missouri, Went to drive test in 13 speed truck that I had never driven, I was accused of abusing the equiptment and swearing at a car while I was driving, I had a bit of truble hitting the gears and said Dammit when I could not hit 6th gear. I THEN Overherd the instructor talking smack about me so I reported it to HR and then Safety got involved,,, VERY UNPROFESSIONAL,,, IF THEY HAD AN ISSUE WITH ME THEY SHOULD HAVE SAID IT TO MY FACE,,, VERY UNPROFESSIONAL CONWAY, The next Day the instructor whos first name strart with a R in Joplin Missour JUmped my butt in class about not paying attention so I repeated the exact story he was telling. I had just about had enoufgh of Conways Drama so I reported the instructor to HR THEN Safety and HR pulled everybody who was in the Oreintation Class and questioned them about what had happen and DID NOT BOTHER TO PULL MY TEAM DRIVER WHO WAS SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO ME IN CLASS AND QUESTION HIM. Why not ConWay ? Why didnt you Question my Team Driver who was in the same class and sitting right next to me… Why didnt you question him he was in the same class and saw everything. CONWAY TALKS A GOOD TALK BUT DOES NOT WALK THE WALK !!!! DID NOT HAVE A GOOD OR PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE AT CONWAY IN ORIENTATION IN Joplin Missouri, Thank God after reading “Reviews of Conway Truckload”” I did not work for the Unprofessional Company.”

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