In surfing the internet, I came across a page where you could answer survey questions and receive a free knife. I answered the questions and received me free knife and was well pleased with it. Several weeks later I received another knife and a wooden knife holder. I marked on the outside of the box “Return to Sender

Cancel my Subscription.”” I did this because the packing slip said the knife and holder were a little over $80 and I cannot afford such things. Never did I realize that the company had somehow obtained my debit card number and the money had already been taken out of my account. Earlier this week I discovered that the company had already drafted $68.94 out of my bank account for another knife which arrived yesterday. I do not know where or how the company obtained my banking information. I live on a fixed retirement budget and cannot afford expensive knives like these. I will contact the company another time and attempt to get them to cease and desist

but don’t know how successful I will be.”

12301 Whitewater Drive Hopkins, Minnesota United States of America