I purchased entry to a black light 5K for my husband and myself, to be held on December 9th 2017. The Facebook page and website details a fun run with black light paint and powder with a concert after the run. The total for both entries was $56, which included entry, t-shirt, glow pack, concert and donation to a charity. A few weeks after purchasing this I received an email that the event was cancelled, with no explanation, and if it was rescheduled they would let me know. Since there was no reschule plan I contacted them for a refund and received the email posted below. They would not give a refund and expected me to either travel to a different city, or transfer my registration to someone else and hope they didn’t conveniently cancel that race. I understand not offering refunds to people who can’t make the event or have buyers remorse, but when you can no longer offer the person what they paid for, refunds should be given. So sad that this fraud of a company is pretending to be a charity, it makes people not want to trust other places who might be legitimately collecting for a cause.