We purchased four truck tires from Theissen’s Farm Supply in August of 2013. The tire purchase offered an $80.00rebate. We submitted the rebate information as required, but as to date have not received the rebate. A letter from Cooper tire company dated 10/28/2013 detailed the rebate denial as “the tires you purchased do not qualify for the rebate.” I called customer service and talked with “Kandi” who had an obvious foreign accent, who informed me that we are not entitled to the rebate due to non compliance in form submission. Several hours were spent on the phone, re-submitting the information, and discussing their failure to comply with their advertised rebate on these tires. Now as it appears, the rebate period has expired. A Cooper tire supervisor was contacted who is trying to re-open the rebate for us. No promises. The next issue is a tire that will not balance after several attempts since new. There is no radial or axial runout, and allegedly, no broken belts. The tire shop said that there is nothing that they can do with Cooper tire to replace a tire that has not balanced properly since new. Since the tire shake is so bad, we can not use the tire on the front of the truck during rotation cycles. The tire shake is at it’s worst at 55 mph, which is the speed limit on these fine secondary roads here in Iowa. Bait and switch anyone? Now I have to buy another tire for $139.00 with the hope of getting a smooth ride. An un balanced tire will cause excessive wear on suspension components, and kidneys. This simple little truck is our main vehicle for ranch use, so it would be nice to have the tires roll smoothly. Interestingly enough, the worn out Toyo tires never gave us a moment’s problem even after my wife’s drove on a tire for 15 miles after it suffered a puncture. Sha She had 600 pounds of grain in the bed so I’m sure that did the Toyo tire a lot of good. Yet, it performed dutifully for another 15,900 miles after it had been repaired.

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