Complaint: I am very concerned about what looks like corruption in the food bank in Copalis Beach, Washington. In 2006 I had just moved to that area and a very nice lady told me that I could get food from the food bank there in Copalis Beach, Washington. I thanked her and explained that I had enough money to buy my own food. She assured me that it didn’t matter that I had enough money to buy my own food, she said many people in the area use the food bank even though they can afford to buy their own food, she encouraged me to get free food from the food bank. I did go to the food bank several times, I noticed many volunteers were there, some of which lived in the same sub-division where I live. I heard later that many of them almost completely live off from food that they get from the food bank. It is required that the people that use the food bank must first sign their name and must state how many people they are needing food for. I have reason to believe that the more signatures the food bank gets, the more subsidies they can expect from the government. The number of people using the food bank seemed to grow steadily. Many people were coming even from other areas. Some of these volunteers I consider to be my friends, maybe this is a gray area for them, maybe it’s not clearly wrong or illegal but I believe it is corrupt, I believe it is wrong. One of the volunteers I spoke with agreed with me that most people using the food bank are not in need of the food that they are receiving. There are good, honest, hard working people that are donating their food to help needy people. How would they feel if they knew the truth about this situation? Is some of this food being payed for by our taxes? I hope the government or some watch-dog agency will investigate this matter. I will swear under oath that what I have said here is accurate and I am requesting that this matter be investigated. I will be posting this information in as many places as I can.

Tags: Neighborhood Services

Address: 3137 Highway 109 Copalis Beach, Washington United States of America