On May 10, 2017 we were email by Jackie Balestreri informing us she had 10 – 12 loads to move. We let her know we could help her co broker these load which at the time we verbally agreed on. Once we picked up the morning of 5-15-17 and one last one on 5-16-17 we headed to Mt Clemens Mi from Corpus Christi Tx. Once we deliver the freight we invoice Copestone via our factoring company. Everything was fine we paid the 3 carriers that sent us the invoices on 523-17 | I get a ugly email from my factoring company in regards to double brokering which is not what we did. What we did was Co-Brokering my only mistake I do admit is that we never did a wriiten agreement but having work togather in the past I kind of felt to confiedent in Mrs Balestreri. Now Im out $11,600.00 and my carrier side has suffer tremendous finacial loss as we been shut down by our factoring company and all capital has been held. I advise other carriers to stay away from Copestone Logistics Jackie Balistreri is the owner


Name: Copestone Logistics, Inc.

Country: United States

State: Arizona

City: Avondale

Address: 2128 N 124th Dr

Phone: (623) 594-1848