These guy were the best actors I’ve ever seen. True academy award winners. First the gentleman who was helping was dressed as preppy college student from abroad. States he doing this to put himself through school and support his wife back in Switzerland. This was in 2003. I told that I already owned a timeshare and could not afford two. They promised to pay off the old one taking my information. It was like carefully choreographed dance and I was sucked in. I kept calling back concerning the payoff. No response to my calls except the secretary who told me they were working on it. I was sick and gave up. My timeshare is almost paid off buy I am behind in my taxes and fees. One letter stated that they would repossess my timeshare, sell it for taxes and post it on my credit report as a repossession. I was so upset that I never even used it. Feeling like a deserving sucker. I can assure you that no one has ripped me off since. A big price to pay to learn a big lesson

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