I was contacted on 9/20/17 the website Upwork.com to do some freelance editing work.This was supposedly for a company called CordenPharma.I had a "google hangouts" conversation/interview with a man named ****** ******.His email is: [email protected]I provided my full name, home address, cell phone number and the name of my bank.He explained the hiring process and work description.Then I received an email from a man named ******** Colman who sent a check to be deposited via my mobile banking app.This was a "home equipment" check.******** ******** email address is: [email protected]I contacted my bank immediately, but the deposited check could not be stopped.The check is from ****** Bank.The company name is: ***** **** ******* ******* ****.**** * ******** ******** ****, ** *******************