I was contacted on 7/11/2018 about a debt collection for a pay day loan. They told me it was on my credit report and I could not find it. When I asked for information on the company and the name of the representative I was refused. After calling back 5 times Stacy was kind enough to supply me with a company name. I found a website done through word press with 2018 information. The first representative asked what I needed a website for. The second representative refused to provide any information and when I told him that I had issues with false debt collectors and only wanted to verify the company, he laughed at me which was very offensive as I have been scammed out of over 2k in the past. I am not comfortable with paying anything to this company. They harass me on my work phone and personal phone. I do not think this is ethical and I question the legality of their business practices. I do not think this is a legit business and would not advice working with them. I have dealt with collectors in the past with student loan debt and other consumer debt and they verified information and sent me invoices as proof. The first representative bragged that he had my social and got upset when I wouldn’t verify. This was very frightening and I plan to take legal action if they continue as I cannot tolerate being scammed again.