Complaint: Okay here goes: I got hired back in September for Corestaff/Shutterfly working as a temp at the brand new Shutterfly location here in Phoenix. I was all excited as this would be something new for me, and I hadn’t worked since June. My start date was supposed to be the 12th of November which was a Friday. But on Monday the 8th of November I got a call from Corestaff/Shutterfly saying they needed me (Before I was to start work) to come on in and fill out all my W-4’s and sign some other forms. So, I jump in my car and I drive the 30 miles to the location of the work site and when I’m finished filling out & signing these “important”” papers

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Address: the real truth comes out. What happened was–Somebody had called in earlier that day and quit just before there shift was supposed to start. Surprised

Website: I faithfully went to a Walmart not so nearby

Phone: at the immediacy of the situation (as well as the dishonesty) but still willing to work; even though I had open-toed shoes on