I received an envelope today with return address: Medicine Contact.com….The Biggest medicine directory; PO BOX 2; 120 00 Praha 2; Czech Republic. The invoice return address says: Medicine Internet Services LLC; 800 Indus Road; Venice, FL 34293-5438; information has the home phone number at that address is (941) 408-8622. The BILL TO section has me listed as an M.D. not correctly as an O.D. (a mistake thaat I wouldnot make). The adress is 325 W. 21st Street. We moved from 325 W. 21st Street to 335 W. 21st Street in May 2012; another mistqake that I would not make. The Invoice 13781623 is associated with this transaction along with the $89.00 charge It says toward the bottom: To edit your profile please use login:9xRSST and password: 8TzT Below that line it says the IMPORTANT FOLLOWING: If the invoice is not paid, your profile will be deleted from MedicineContact.com I do not plan to pay the bill unless someone can show me that I actually owe this amount to someone trading under a different name which is all together no totally impossible but a bit shadey!

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