Corina Merritt was my girlfriend for 4 years . We had a great relationship for quite a while, until the 3rd year. We were arguing alot and tried to get her to go to counseling but couldn’t get her to do it. Then I noticed she was changing, the way she talked to me, the way she acted around me, she didn’t say I love you as much, didn’t want to spend time together as much. So then I started poking around she was asleep I looked in her phone found emails to another guy saying I love you I miss you. And then she sent a video message to me by accident that was for him thats when start flying off the handle. Try to get her to go to counseling again couldn’t get her to do it The guy did she screwed around with is Gary Breyfogle. He cheated on his wife to see her before we got together and she split up with him told him no more until he got a divorce From his wife and that’s when it all began after he had his divorce he started pursuing my girlfriend they’re both cheating pieces of crap.