My husband and I had almost been married for a year and a half when I found out he was sleeping with a really good friend of mine. I had known Corrine Elise Rollan also known as Corinne Elise Miller for a little over a year. We both worked together for a while, but didn’t become close friends till she transferred to the branch I worked at. Corinne and I did everything together. She was married as well, so we all did stuff together as married couples. I trusted this girl with my life. I started to notice something was a little off when they started texting each other excessively. I questioned them both about it and they both said it was pertaining to what to get me for Christmas. I was like okay and didn’t think anything else of it. One morning I was getting ready for work and I just had this overwhelming feeling to look at my husband’s phone. Well needless to say what I found put me in utter disbelief and shock. I found text messages between the two of them saying how much they missed each other and how in love they were. One said and I quote,”I wanna be that obnoxious couple who makes out in the movie theater” as well as accompanied by ones about how sick they were because they couldn’t see each other right now. My first thought was there is no way that Corinne would do this to me. I thought that maybe my husband had put another girl’s number under her name. Well needless to say when I checked it was Corinne’s number.I immediately called her husband to let him know what was going on. Some people say I shouldn’t have but the man deserved to know his wife was sleeping around on him with my husband, his friend! I then proceeded to go and wake my husband up and ask him about everything. I didn’t tell him I found the text messages in his phone at first. He proceeded to deny everything. I then told him I found the text messages between the two of them. He then became enraged and angry at me that I was going through his things. I decided being at the house while I was upset and he was angry was not a good idea. My friend came and got me and we went to talk for a while so my husband and I could calm down. While we were out Corinne’s husband called me to inform me that they had been sleeping together. I waited till I got my anger under control to head back to my house to get my things. My friend had gone with me to help me pack, but my husband would not allow her in. While I was getting my things together I confronted him about sleeping with her. He denied it at first but then proceeded to tell me that they had accidentally slept together three times. Well how do you accidentally sleep with someone three times? He then told me they had been seeing each other since November granted the day I found out was the Thursday before Christmas. Well Merry Christmas to me.I moved out that day and moved in with my parents because I had nowhere else to go. I text Corinne after I left, she basically made herself try to look like the victim in this whole situation. I have yet to receive an apology from her. Not that an apology would have magically fixed anything, but it would have shown a little character. I have had other friends contact her on their own accord asking her if she is still seeing my husband and asking her why she did this to me. She has said to numerous people that she is not still seeing him, that it was a bad judgment call and that she is just a terrible person. Well guess what I found out at the end of February, that she is still seeing him when she is telling her husband and mutual friends that she is not. I went to my house to get a few things I had left while my husband was gone and needless to say I found some of her clothes, toiletries, and even some love notes she had written my husband. Hello! Are we in middle school still? Love notes really? These love notes talked about how in love she was with him, how she couldn’t wait for him to officially meet her dad, and oh wait she was just so excited about the thought of having babies with him to! || Needless to say Corinne Elise Rollan is a piece of shit friend and a huge slut. If you’ve heard of Antoine Dodson you know to hide ya kids and hide ya wife but if you’re ever in this sluts neck of the woods you need to make sure to hide ya boyfriends and ya husbands because she doesn’t care if you’re a friend or a stranger she’ll be whoring it up around them. I also wonder how many other women’s husband she has slept with seeing as how she is a wedding photographer. No wonder she went into that field of work it coincides with her home wrecking career.