Complaint: I took my vehicleto an Econo-lube for a tune-up an a lead from the radiator because my vehicle was overheating. They gave it a tune-up but found no visible leak, refilled the radiator and told me to keep an eye on it. I now took my vehicle to Cormier Chevrolet because it was occasionally not starting. I figured my vehicle was a Chevrolet s could trust a Chevrolet dealer to tell me what was exactly wrong with it. They advised me to replace the spark plug wires because they were very old and they also advisd on an induction service. I had the repairs done for a hefty price. I called the Econo-lube and advised them of what I was told by Cormier Chevrolet. The manager said if the wires were that old and worn his mechanic would have noticed and told me. After picking up my vehicle from Cormier Chevrolet I noticed it was starting to overheat again so I took it back and asked them to do a diganostic on it. From the diagnostic they concluded it needed a water pump. I was quoted an outrageous price so I decided to call around for estimates. I got a reasonable estimate from Firestone in Torrance, CA. I decided to take my vehicle there for the repairs. The mechanic there decided to do a diagnostic on it himself to confirm the bad water pump. His diagnostic was concluded the water pump was not bad and the vehicle actually had a cracked block or blown a head gasket. If I would have agreed to the repairs I would have given them that money. I’m sure they knew what the problem was all along but thought that was an easy way to make another buck. Monica Carson, California

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