I was contacted by Stephen Hilton by email with a legitimate address from West Chester University offering to pay for advertisement space on my personal vehicle. After responding vaguely, I received another email from Jimmy at the wrap company, Corper Wrap. It was a long email with a lot of information so I googled the website in the email address, naacorper.com and it came up with a host of information that seemed authentic, but nothing speaking directly of automotive wraps… just that it was a marketing firm and this was one of their marketing strategies. Jimmy sent me an example of the wrap and a contract asking for minimal information from me so I filled it out, signed it, and sent it back. They sent a check within days. It came in a standard brown envelope. The check felt a little thick, but it was colored the same as other JP Morgan Chase Bank checks. I held on to it for a few days because the numbers didn’t match what Jimmy said that they were going to send. The check was supposed to cover my week’s payment and the installer’s fee of $1300. The wrap installer emailed me with no other contact information telling me to transfer the money via walmart2walmart transfer or moneygram and he wanted it done that day so that he could get the materials ordered for a Monday or Tuesday installation. I never got another response from that guy. Of course I thought that was strange. The email that I had gotten from Jimmy instructed me to do a mobile deposit or ATM deposit of the check. I should have known then, I guess. The name on the check was some woman who I can’t recall at the moment, but Jimmy said that it was the accountant’s name or whatever. I deposited the check, transferred the $1300 via walmart2walmart and haven’t heard from anyone since. Then I see that my bank returned the check and charged me a fee. Now I’m short $1300 from my account and the website is down. The number that Jimmy Alexis Cadenas used to text me is a text service. I should have called it sooner, but the text in and of itself sort of legitimized the whole thing for me. It wasn’t the number that he provided in the email, but I didn’t call that number until it was too late either. The local installer didn’t provide their name either. They did provide a name for the money transfer recipient. Her name was JoAnn Crist of Hampton, VA. Aries Graphics Studios was the company name the installer used with an email address to match.