These con artists are sneaky and sound VERY legit! They called my mom and knew the name of her time share and say they work with time shares all over the country that enable time share owners to benefit from time they are not using. She offered 3 gateaway weeks for $300 each. And if my mom gave $300 for 3 weeks, she would get $4500 back and if she gave $1800, she would get $7000 back. They charge $900 a month, promising that once their rooms are rented which they claim are in short supply, you will get money back. They knew how many weeks are unused and they got her credit card info and wanted her to esign documents they sent to my email. They are based in Florida, they say Tampa but upon review online of someone who used to work for them, they report these are fake offices and their numbers are fake numbers, not allowing you to cancel once you realize this is not a good idea! The name of the people she talked to are Kathy and Mathew. Beware! Luckily, I caught this before we signed the papers and I called even before she was off the phone with them to cancel her credit card account. Watch out for people claiming to help you use and profit from your unused time shares!