Corporate Resort Specialists called and ask if I would like to sale my timeshare in Banson ,Mo. They claimed that they had a corporation buyer who wanted to buy 120 timeshares in Branson as a tax writeoff. They were ready to buy then. I agreed to sale our timeshare for $24,900.00. We had to send them $2,500 to get the paperwork started but be would get it back at the closing. Over the next fdew months they called several times and said they needed more money to get to the closing . Each time they would say we would get thje money back when we signed the fiinal papers. After giving them $15,300 to close the deal they were going to pay us $51,300 for our timeshare. This went on from April 2010 to January 2011.Then we could not reach them on the phone . I have filed complaints with:Federal Trade Comission,the Police in Las Vegas and my town of Bryant,AR,Attorney Generals of all three states AR,MO,and NV,No one seems to have controll over the timeshare resale business. If what they said was true they made over a million dollars just on this one scam. I taled to someone on the phone today that said he was scammed by thid same sceme with his timeshare in ST.Thomas.

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