Complaint: Here Are Recordings Of Ilegal Wiretaps For Purposes Of Electronic Harassment used to extort an inocent american citizen in Corpus Christi Texas.Police radios and an illegal wiretaped phone are used to listen then harass the victim with electronics the proof is in the recordings,definetly conduct unbecoming an officer ,retailiation,ilegal wiretapping,and possibly gang satlking,some fedral time is in order for some of the police officers conducting this electronic harassmnet.The Fbi Has Been Notified Of this But It Has not stopped It has been happening to me for three years now ,it is my oppion after my investigation this is used to shakedown buisiness,keep people quet,and to get there victims locked up or commit sucide.below are links to some of the recodings i have from the last three years of law enforcment electronic harassment,some call extra judicial predudace. The recording links below are on youtube :–sIuI

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