This complaint is for Costco wholesale warehouse. Btw, most of the prices here are not wholesale, just huge bundles at same supermarket prices, yet corporate will say otherwise. Btw, the above isnt the complaint. IT should be, Costco does nothing for the comunity, and treats its customers like employees or worse. nOk, complaint time. Basically, my sister who has membership is in the hospital. She has taken us so we could get diapers for our newborn and at the moment cant. Hospital was going to give letter, she gave ok, I called and first person said ok, but told me to talk to another manager. I did. They went into their speal of why they wont and told us we had to buy membership if we wanted to get the diapers. nWell, Im low income, Unlike many on federal incomes, Im not, and all I have is $43 to my name. Not enough for their fees, and diapers only $29. They first said they would, nut figures, they cant stick to their word. They rather hurt the comunity and take every penny from people who cant afford it, and even when family has memborship, they refuse to help in certain circomstances. nThere are other wharehouses out there that dont charge. Cant list them do to policy, but I highly recommend since their greedy, lie, that its about time these big companies that are also hurting small family business be regulated by government and be forced to help the comunity just like Electric/Gas/ and phone companies are. Im contacting the senator and hope people reply here as well. nScottnSanbruno, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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