Complaint: Unfortunately, we didn’t have to look up Cottman’s phone # in order to file this report. My husband knows it by heart after calling these people repeatedly. His work vehicle required a transmission repair. The work cost $1,100. The vehicle is now leaking so much transmission fluid (a problem that NEVER existed before) that it’s become the joke of his workplace. He has taken it back time after time; despite the warranty they are no longer even friendly and keep the vehicle FOREVER–to no avail. The problem persists and he’s going to have to go elsewhere to get this problem fixed. It’s already caused him to lose over one week of work. Personally, I had major distrust at the very start of the ordeal. After one week of keeping the vehicle for the initial repair they were still “unable to find a necessary part.”” After running all over town himself–my husband delivered the part to them so they were finally able to begin working on it. Too bad we didn’t know about this big rip off of a so-called company to begin with. The so-called manager at this local franchise is: Eric Jacquez. Save your money and don’t patronize them. Carolyn El Paso

Tags: Auto Repair Service

Address: TexasU.S.A.”


Phone: 1407 Lomaland Road El Paso, Texas U.S.A.